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Despite what most people think, all lenders are not the same when it comes to finance for business loans, commercial lending, or agribusiness finance.

There can be quite a bit of difference between interest rates and the percentage banks will lend against certain types of securities. For example, some lenders may only lend 50 per cent against the valuation of a farm, whereas others may lend 70 per cent. The rates may be very similar but if you can only borrow 50 per cent of the farm’s value, it may restrict the way you wish to operate your business.

The same applies to commercial and retail properties where the amount they will lend can vary significantly. Once again, there can be quite a bit of difference in their interest rates as well.

Finance can be arranged for any of the following:

  • Purchase of a new or existing business

  • Franchises

  • Commercial property purchase

  • Refinancing

  • Farm or agribusiness

  • Construction finance

  • Property development

  • Debt consolidation or loan restructuring

  • Purchasing plant and equipment

  • Stock purchase

  • Working capital

  • Line of credits and overdrafts

  • Assisting with business plans, cash flow budgets

  • Capital raising

With over 40 years experience in rural lending, our list of clients includes dairy farmers, cropping, beef and sheep grazing operations, orchardists, vineyards and turf farmers, just to name a few!

Contact us to discuss your requirements, and you will be pleasantly surprised at what we are able to arrange and the potential savings you can achieve.


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